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There is no other sound in the world like a car crash.

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In Pennsylvania in 2017 there were 128,188 reportable traffic crashes. The crashes claimed the lives of 1,137 people and injured another 80,612. On average in Pennsylvania in 2017 each day 3 people were fatally injured in traffic crashes, that’s one fatality every eight hours. Each day 221 persons were injured in crashes.

Here are the most common causes of auto accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:


Driver error: These crashes are often caused by driving distractions such as texting, eating, personal grooming or talking to passengers; failure to follow the rules of the road; misjudging traffic conditions; falling asleep behind the wheel; or simply failing to pay adequate attention to one's driving.

Vehicle malfunction: common vehicle failures that have caused crashes include faulty tires, bad steering columns, and transmission or engine problems.

Environmental factors: Slick roads in the winter and glare in the summer are both frequent causes of car accidents, in addition to road construction, obstructed views, poor traffic planning, and negligent road design.

As you search for a car accident attorney to represent you or a loved one after you have suffered a serious injury or death consider the following factors:

  • Courtroom experience – Make sure the attorney or law firm you select has a wealth of know-how in court litigating serious matters.
  • Accessibility – You should receive personal attention from your attorney. You should feel comfortable to pick up the phone if you have questions.
  • Trust – You need to put your faith in your attorney to properly guide you through the entire legal process.
  • Compassion – You have just experienced a severe loss or significant injury, you need someone who understands the pain you are feeling and to help you through it.
  • Tough -You need an attorney that is willing to take a case to trial and fight for you.

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